Cloudburst Productions

Walkin' The Night by Rusty Cloud
Description: A hard-hitting mix of blues, jazz, rhythm and blues, world beat & rock 'n roll featuring numerous guest artists.

Riverscapes by Rusty Cloud and Jim Clouse
Description: An album of mostly instrumental music evoking images of nature and musical fantasy.

Blue Fever by S'Killit
Description: Taking blues and New Orleans music one step beyond, with a dash of myth and magic.

Dig Down by S'Killit
Description: Pushing the envelope of S'Killit's personal take on R&B, blues, New Orleans party music and more, this album will get your feet stomping and your fingers tapping to some tasty tunes.

Every Little Dream by Claire and Rusty Cloud
Description: If you like classic rock'n roll and smooth rhythm and blues, and you crave songs with strong melodies and smoldering grooves, then you will enjoy these 14 original tunes by Claire and Rusty Cloud.

Classics By Claire (pre-release version)
Description: Yet to be released, this collection of standards features Claire Cloud's velvety voice and Rusty Cloud's extraordinary piano playing. Most of these tunes were recorded with intimate, acoustic instruments, making this album great mood music.

Music By Cloudburst
Description: Elevating affairs music to a new level of creativity, fun and elegance, this CD show-cases ensembles of various sizes from Cloudburst's affairs band called Music By Cloudburst. If you need music for an event such as a birthday party, wedding, benefit, corporate event or bar mitzvah, Claire and Rusty Cloud co-lead bands from 3 to 11 pieces. The songs on this CD demonstrate the high quality of musicianship offered by Music By Cloudburst. THIS CD IS FREE!


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